I was so proud of you & thrilled at having you so close to me on our long walk in Westminster Abbey, but when I handed your hand to the Archbishop I felt that I had lost something very precious.

You were so calm & composed during the Service and said your words with such conviction, that I knew everything was all right …

I have watched you grow up all these years with pride under the skilful direction of Mummy, who, as you know is the most marvellous person in the World in my eyes, & I can, I know, always count on you, & now Philip, to help us in our work. Your leaving us has left a great blank in our lives but do remember that your old home is still yours & do come back to it as much & as often as possible. I can see that you are sublimely happy with Philip which is right but don’t forget us is the wish of

Your ever loving & devoted


King George VI to his daughter, Princess Elizabeth after her wedding. (via king-george-vi)
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Elizabeth Bowes - Lyon


MH17 crash site

Well, maybe it’s too “late”..but no word “late” for praying for the best for all victims of #MH17. I have seen the video of the situation of the plane in minutes to go to take off. Everything was fine, not unsual….but nobody expected that the plane got crash. ooh I am shocked in realizing that nobody will know when the death comes…
I pray the best for all victims…I hope they will be reborn in better place. <3